Truck Coolant System Repair Services in Jackson, GA

At Performance Diesel, located in Jackson, Georgia, we specialize in providing comprehensive coolant systems repair and maintenance services for diesel trucks and fleets.

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Importance of Coolant Systems in Diesel Trucks

Engine Temperature Regulation

The primary function of a coolant system is to regulate the engine's temperature, ensuring it operates within the optimal range. Diesel engines generate significant heat during combustion, which must be dissipated to avoid overheating and potential damage. A well-maintained coolant system efficiently transfers this heat away from the engine, keeping it cool and prolonging its life.

Preventing Corrosion and Cavitation

Another crucial role of the coolant system is to prevent corrosion and cavitation within the engine. The coolant mixture contains additives that protect engine components from rust, corrosion, and cavitation – a process where vapor bubbles form and collapse, causing damage to the engine's metal surfaces. Regular coolant maintenance ensures the additives remain effective and protect your diesel engine.

Coolant System Services at Performance Diesel

Coolant System Inspections

At Performance Diesel, we begin every coolant system service with a thorough inspection. Our technicians will visually check for leaks, inspect hoses and clamps, assess the condition of the radiator, and evaluate the thermostat, water pump, and cooling fan for proper function. This inspection helps us identify any issues affecting the performance of your diesel engine's coolant system.

Coolant Flushes and Refills

One of the essential maintenance services for diesel coolant systems is a coolant flush and refill. Over time, the coolant's additives break down, reducing its effectiveness in protecting the engine from corrosion and cavitation. Our coolant flush service at Performance Diesel involves draining the old coolant, flushing the system with a specialized cleaner to remove contaminants, and refilling the system with fresh coolant. We recommend performing a coolant flush approximately every two years or 30,000 miles, depending on your vehicle's specific requirements.

Thermostat Replacement

The thermostat is a vital component of the coolant system, responsible for regulating the flow of coolant between the engine and radiator. A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to overheating or poor temperature regulation. We can diagnose and replace faulty thermostats at Performance Diesel, ensuring your diesel engine operates at the correct temperature.

Radiator Repair and Replacement

The radiator is another essential component of the coolant system, designed to dissipate heat absorbed by the coolant as it flows through the engine. The engine's temperature can rise dangerously if the radiator becomes damaged or clogged. Our technicians at Performance Diesel can repair or replace damaged radiators, restoring your coolant system's efficiency and preventing overheating.

Water Pump Repair and Replacement

The water pump circulates the coolant through the engine and radiator. Coolant circulation may be compromised if the water pump fails, leading to overheating. Our skilled technicians at Performance Diesel can repair or replace malfunctioning water pumps, ensuring proper coolant flow and preventing engine damage.

Trust Performance Diesel for Your Diesel Coolant System Needs

At Performance Diesel in Jackson, Georgia, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality coolant system repair and maintenance services for diesel trucks and fleets. Our certified technicians use the latest tools and equipment to diagnose and resolve any coolant system issue, ensuring your diesel engine operates at peak performance. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your truck or fleet’s coolant system today!


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