General Diesel Repair Services in Jackson, GA

At Performance Diesel, we recognize your heavy-duty vehicles' crucial role in business operations. We understand that when your vehicles are out of commission, it directly impacts your bottom line.

Diesel mechanic performing general diesel service in Jackson, GA

Serving the Jackson, GA, Area with Unmatched Expertise Since 2018

Since our inception in 2018, we have been dedicated to providing businesses around Jackson, GA, with access to the mechanical power they need to keep their operations running smoothly. Our mechanics are unrivaled in their skills and knowledge, offering top-notch service to our commercial customers. We possess extensive experience with all aspects of diesel powertrains, enabling us to expertly disassemble, diagnose, and reassemble problematic engines as needed.

Certified Professionals for Hydraulic Systems and Electrical Diagnostics

Our mechanics are fully trained and certified to work safely and professionally with the extreme pressures of hydraulic systems. We are well-equipped to diagnose any electrical issues affecting your vehicles, addressing them quickly and precisely. Our team has extensive experience with air-brake systems, ensuring your vehicles remain safe and compliant.

Specialized Services for Tractor-Trailers at Performance Diesel

Another area in which we excel at Performance Diesel is our expert repair and maintenance services for tractor-trailers. Our work in this area ranges from simple tasks like replacing bodywork and engine components to more complex jobs like chassis swaps and adjustments. We recognize the significant investment your company has made in these vehicles, and we are committed to getting them back on the road while adhering to strict safety standards. Our team takes immense pride in skillfully restoring these essential vehicles to serve our community in Jackson, GA.

Guaranteed Workmanship for a Smooth Return to Profitability

All work completed at Performance Diesel is fully guaranteed to meet and exceed the regulatory standards required for your heavy-duty vehicles to return to the road. We prioritize a hassle-free reintegration of your vehicle into service, ensuring a seamless transition back to profitability for your business.

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Don't let downtime hinder your business's growth and success. Call us today at 770-233-8170 to learn more about our comprehensive heavy-duty vehicle repair services in the Jackson, GA, area. Trust the experts at Performance Diesel to keep your commercial vehicles in top-notch condition, maximizing their uptime and contributing to the success of your business


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Service is very helpful nice place to get your truck fix and a decent price upon once the repairs are all completed.
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Tommy Harvey

Customer service is awesome there! Repairs are always correct and done in a timely matter. Stacey and Cheyenne are very friendly and helpful!
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Georgia Griffieth

Awesome Establishment! Everybody speaks! And they're very friendly
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