Bus Repair Services in Jackson, GA

At Performance Diesel in Jackson, Georgia, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch bus repair and maintenance services to meet the needs of our clients. Our highly skilled and experienced technicians have extensive knowledge and experience working on various bus models and types.

Bus Repair in Jackson, GA

Professional and Comprehensive Bus Repair Services

Our expert technicians at Performance Diesel are well-equipped to handle any bus repair job, regardless of the size or complexity. We utilize the latest diagnostic tools and equipment to accurately assess and address any mechanical or electrical issue that may arise.

Engine Repair and Overhaul

Our team has extensive experience in repairing, overhauling, and rebuilding diesel engines of all types, including Cummins, Caterpillar, and Detroit Diesel. We perform thorough diagnostics to identify underlying issues and provide comprehensive repair solutions, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity.

Transmission Repair and Replacement

Performance Diesel also repairs and replaces bus transmissions. We understand the importance of a properly functioning transmission to ensure smooth and efficient operation, and we are dedicated to providing top-quality transmission services for all bus models.

Brake System Repairs

Regular inspection and maintenance of your bus's braking system are crucial for the safety of your passengers. Our technicians are adept at diagnosing and repairing all brake systems, from hydraulic to air brakes, ensuring maximum stopping power and safety on the road.

Electrical System Repairs

From wiring issues to faulty sensors, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair any electrical problem your bus may encounter. Our technicians use advanced diagnostic tools to identify and resolve electrical issues quickly and efficiently.

Meticulous Maintenance Services for Buses

At Performance Diesel, we understand the importance of regular maintenance to keep your buses running smoothly and efficiently. Our comprehensive maintenance services are designed to prevent breakdowns and costly repairs, ensuring your fleet remains in peak condition.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We offer custom-tailored preventative maintenance programs designed to meet your fleet's specific needs. Our preventative maintenance services include oil changes, fluid checks, tire rotations, and brake inspections. By staying on top of routine maintenance, you can prevent costly repairs and ensure the safety and reliability of your buses.

State and Federal Inspections

Performance Diesel is certified to perform state and federal inspections on your buses, ensuring compliance with all safety regulations. Our technicians meticulously inspect your vehicles to identify and address potential issues before they become significant problems.

Fleet Management Support

Managing a fleet of buses can be challenging. That's why we offer comprehensive fleet management support to help you stay on top of maintenance schedules, inspections, and repairs. Our team will work closely with you to ensure your buses remain in peak condition and are ready to hit the road when needed.

Why Choose Performance Diesel for Your Bus Repair and Maintenance Needs?

Don't wait until your buses experience issues on the road. Trust the experts at Performance Diesel to keep your fleet running smoothly and safely. Contact us today to schedule your bus repair or maintenance appointment and discover the difference that professional, expert care can make for your buses.


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Service is very helpful nice place to get your truck fix and a decent price upon once the repairs are all completed.
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Tommy Harvey

Customer service is awesome there! Repairs are always correct and done in a timely matter. Stacey and Cheyenne are very friendly and helpful!
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Georgia Griffieth

Awesome Establishment! Everybody speaks! And they're very friendly
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